“I hate politics!” Have you ever heard that statement from a friend or loved one? Perhaps you’ve even said it, or something very closely akin, yourself?

Maybe you’ve gone to dinner with friends, and someone will say “OK, we can discuss anything except politics.” But, wait, isn’t politics important? Aren’t governments a universal “fact of life” in our world? What do you suppose it might be about politics that makes it such a despised topic? Read more

When any “government” takes it upon itself to create “a law” that is clearly misaligned with God’s law, then that government has removed itself from the umbrella of God’s authority. This is a “Romans 13:1” issue. Read more


Do you use US dollars? What do you have in your wallet?

If so, the federal government is deliberately and systematically robbing you blind!

Ben Bernanke calls it “quantitative easing.” This is fed-speak for “screwing the people.” Read more

Hey, Who’s in charge here anyway?

We say we believe the Bible. We say “Jesus is LORD.” We say a lot of things, but do we really mean them? Do we actually live and think as if they are so? Read more

OK, let’s cut to the chase about CANCER:

When I was a boy, I heard about cancer… I knew it was a bad thing… but I don’t think anyone that I knew of ever actually had it.

Along came the “War on Cancer” – now, fast-forward fifty years or so, and pretty much everyone I know either has a family member with cancer, or has had cancer affect them directly in a dramatic way.

We are afraid, very afraid, of “The Big ‘C’,” and with good reason; but the reason is probably NOT what you are thinking. Read more

Government, hand and glove complicit with the leadership of the “average church,” has fixed into the mind of the typical pew-sitter a completely undeserved awe, an ill-begotten respect, a woefully overboard reverence for anything and everything government does or says.

What makes human government so special? Why do we fawn and fuss over presidents, governors, “leaders” of all stripes? Are these not the “rich and famous” overlords who make our lives miserable, the very people who oppress us? Read more

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