The story of Noah has always fascinated me. For most of my life and to this day, I’ve fervently believed that the Creator of the world came to regret the evil of His creatures so vehemently that He ultimately destroyed all but a few with a global flood of water. Read more

Here is an “open letter” that I sent to a list of friends today… :) Read on! :

Subject: Fwd: Share your letter to Congress with your friends
Date: 3/19/2013 10:51 AM

Greetings, Friends! :)

Yes, this is “out of the blue!” and so feel free to delete! 😉

I’m forwarding you a copy of a letter that I sent today to my “congress critters” – my “representative” in congress and “my” two US senators from California. Read more

Maybe it’s real; maybe it’s just wishful thinking…

I have long been strongly drawn to audacious efforts to break out of the current world communication and financial paradigms. Here is one that sure looks good to me at first blush: Bit Billions.

Imagine an internet that *cannot be shut down* by the arbitrary whims of centralized power. An internet that is based on purely peer to peer connections among computers owned by millions of users. Read more

I hope you’ll take a few minutes today to hear what Shepherd Chuck Baldwin has to say about civil government. In all seriousness, please just click on the image below; if you listen for only five minutes, you will hear the core import of this hard-hitting message about the Christian’s responsibility towards civil government.

Romans 13 and the proper jurisdiction of government has been so widely misconstrued by so many churches that the plain, simple, clear meaning sounds almost foreign in most ears.

Don’t remain in the dark about this! I’ll leave you with my simple paraphrase of Romans 13:1:

Everyone, from the highest official to the lowest peasant, must be in submission to the Higher Powers – namely, God and His word. Apart from God, there is no other authority, and any so-called authority that departs from His precepts is of none authority!”


Friend, do you pride yourself in being a reasonable, moral, rational human being? Are you someone who thinks for yourself, someone who gives your neighbor the same “benefit of the doubt” that you would wish for yourself? Really?Government Crooks

The reality is that you (along with 300+ million other Americans!) have undoubtedly been conditioned by society, by your training in public school, by your preacher man pontificating from his government 501-C-3 corporation “church” pulpit, by your neighbor, by your TV newsman, by your newspaper reporter, by your magazine column writer, by your accountant, by your priest, by your buddy at the office, by your…

I could go on and on… YOU have been “conditioned” to give “the government” all the benefit of the doubt. Do you doubt me? If so, try this short test… Read more

What ever happened to the American Dream?

A House in the Suburbs

A House in the Suburbs

Surely you’ve heard of it… Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness… in it’s simplest form, 2.4 kids, owning a house in the suburbs, running a prosperous business or working in a profession of your choosing. Building a nest-egg for retirement and having something left over to hand down to your children?

The American Dream is a far cry from the sad reality of today…  a reality in which, typically, both spouses working, retirement age keeps going up. Millions of homes are in foreclosure. Taxes are spiraling out of control… What became of the dream? Read more