What About Canola Oil???

Canola Oil???

Today I received an email from an old friend about the dangers of Canola oil.

“WHAT?” you ask, “Do you mean to tell me that the oil I cook with and feed my family every day is dangerous?

Here’s an on-line copy of the text of the email that my friend sent – “The Truth about Canola Oil.”

“Canola oil” – have you ever seen a “Canola bush?” Neither have I, but that never occured to me before today. Read more

OK, let’s cut to the chase about CANCER:

When I was a boy, I heard about cancer… I knew it was a bad thing… but I don’t think anyone that I knew of ever actually had it.

Along came the “War on Cancer” – now, fast-forward fifty years or so, and pretty much everyone I know either has a family member with cancer, or has had cancer affect them directly in a dramatic way.

We are afraid, very afraid, of “The Big ‘C’,” and with good reason; but the reason is probably NOT what you are thinking. Read more