I am outraged that the “powers that be” in the United States of America have no compunctions about sticking their noses into our daily business, recording our phone calls, emails, and movements, and essentially being “troublesome meddlers.”

“But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters.”
– 1 Peter 4:15

Although I recommend alternative methods, I am in great sympathy with “The Day We Fight Back” campaign, and so I have set up this website to support it. Tomorrow, February 11th, 2014, the banner from that campaign will be featured here.

Why do I recommend alternatives? It’s just that I no longer expect any kind of “representation” from my “representatives” in Washington, DC (AKA, Sodom on the Delaware.)

And so, have at it on February 11th!, when it comes to complaining and pushing back at the beast in Washington! At least let them know of your disapproval! However, in addition, I urge the following:

And now, addressing my fellow Christians directly:

Do you profess to believe and live by Jesus’ second great command, “Love your neighbor as yourself?” If so, I urge you to abandon all support for the evil human government that you are presently using, by proxy, to coerce your neighbor by force.

Please read and actually think about these simple lessons presented by the Zero Aggression Project.

Politics is obsolete!

Yes, I realize that’s a bold statement – especially considering that I’m writing this article and categorizing it under the heading of “Politics!” But, before you dismiss me, may I ask you a few questions?

Do you like politics? If so, why do you like it?

Those who actually like politics generally enjoy debate, and find the heat of argument stimulating.

On the other hand, most people I know despise politics, or at the very least, find politics to be a rather uncomfortable subject. Have you ever thought about why that is?

Politics is the art of government. It has everything to do with ruling people. Even in the form of government known as “democracy,” practiced in much of the world today, politics is in its very essence one group of people (the “majority”) forcing and imposing their will upon another group of people (the “minority”).

In our heart of hearts, every one of us finds it repugnant to have our choices and our actions dictated to us by force. Jesus, arguably the greatest man who ever lived, said that to “love your neighbor as yourself” is the second greatest commandment (Matthew 22:39)

Every great teacher that has ever lived has told us that we should treat others the way we wish to be treated, and our own consciences tell us the same. Why then would we want to ever have any part in a system that forces our neighbor to do things at the point of a gun?

Politics is obsolete! Examine your own heart and conscience, and see if that isn’t so? And when you finally come to that conclusion, why not act on it? Abandon your support of political action. Support voluntary cooperation and organization! Stop abusing your neighbor through the proxy of government, and start treating your neighbor like you want to be treated.

For some compelling short videos about this concept, visit http://www.josietheoutlaw.com/ and then let me know your opinion! Drop me a line… “creator at flyinghouse dot com”

The United States continues its downward spiral on every front. According to this article in Investors Business Daily, the US doesn’t even rank in the Top 15 of a list of the 20 most economically free countries:

US Not Even In Top 15 of Freest Economies” – (Link: http://goo.gl/Yz3ED4)

This is yet another confirmation of the evil of human government. When men run things, they tend to run them into the ground. It might be amusing were it not so tragic in its consequences! There is a direct correlation between the level of economic freedom in a country and the per-capita prosperity. Americans are all the poorer for their monstrous federal government’s penchant for overweening regulation and control. Read more

This gem of an article appeared in my email box today, and I thought I’d share it with you as yet another instance of the insanity of allowing “government” to rule our lives.

A Few Good, Old Gas Cans...

How Government Wrecked The Gas Can,” an article by Jeffrey Tucker of Laissez Faire Books.

If you’ve bought and tried to use a gas can recently, you’re no doubt already fuming…

If you haven’t, then you may find this article useful due to the recommended “work-arounds.”

The moral of it all? PUSH BACK!!! – “government” is almost unmitigated evil, and it must be stopped!

You’d think that your “representatives” in Washington would have some motivation to actually represent you, wouldn’t you? Think again!

This short movie trailer should make you absolutely ill:

How can they possibly represent you if they don’t even bother to READ the legislation they pass that purports to bind you and your wallet and your life to their bidding?!!! Read more

The following essay was published yesterday by my friend Jim Babka of the Downsize DC organization. I think it is remarkable, that Christians particularly need to hear it, and so I re-publish it here by permission:

Would Jesus Have Booed Ron Paul’s “Golden Rule for Foreign Policy?”

by Jim Babka — January 24, 2012

This is an open letter to my fellow Christians. If it moves you, please share it with other believers. It is intended to be a chain letter, to spread and cause discussion.  Here is The Golden Rule as expressed by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ . . .

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” And in this instance its “golden” because it “…sums up the Law and the Prophets.” [Matthew 7:12 (NIV)]

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, in the South Carolina Republican debate, candidate Ron Paul said the following…

My point is, if another country does to us what we do others, we’re not going to like it very much. So I would say that maybe we ought to consider a golden rule in foreign policy. [loud boos begin to drown out Paul] Don’t do to other nations what we don’t want to have them do to us. [indecipherable angry shouts can be heard]

The booing stunned me. Maybe it wouldn’t have a while back. Maybe I would’ve booed too. After all . . . Read more

A friend brought this excellent YouTube video to my attention today. In an age when words and numbers seem to have less and less impact on us, perhaps this visual approach will help you feel in a more visceral sense the utterly incredible magnitude of the financial crime that government is perpetrating on us.

Even this incredible video visual aid leaves my head spinning and my mind at a loss…

What is your reaction?

If you care enough to take even a casual look at how governments operate, you will find that those in power exempt themselves from the “laws” that they enforce on the common man.

In some cases, this is done explicitly – for example, congressmen are not required to participate in the Social (in)Security system. However, in many cases, government agencies will simply ignore and proceed to violate their own “laws” because they know that their crony “judges” will not lift a finger to correct them, even when a “citizen” files a complaint.

My friend Michael Benoit is living this experience and reports on it in this video:

This may be difficult for some of you to believe, but that is only because you’ve “drank the Kool-Aid” of GOV propaganda and you’ve never stepped outside of that comfortable zone of “compliant subservience” to GOV rules and regulations. I can also testify from my own experience that the government can and does ignore and fraudulently misapplies its own so-called “laws.”

Once you come to the point of realizing and understanding this, perhaps at the very least you may begin to have some compassion on your fellow citizens who are presently living under the severe oppression of a renegade government.

Monday, January 2nd: [Breaking News: Please check back throughout the day for possible updates…] We are on the very eve of the first significant popular tabulation of the express will of the American People as to who they want sitting in the oval office next year, namely the Iowa Caucus.

Even the mainstream media has been unable to hide the fact that Americans in Iowa are utterly fed-up with the “status quo” of Big Government candidates being pushed by the GOP establishment.

It therefore comes as no surprise to me that the GOP is transparently moving to steal this election from the only candidate who represents any substantive difference whatsoever from their anointed “tax and spend” crop of political “leaders;” I speak, of course, of Ron Paul, front-running Republican candidate for president. Read more


What if… you were to devote five minutes of thoughtful listening as Judge Napolitano asks a series of “What if?” questions? What if those questions began to shake you out of your complacency…?

What if you started to realize that America long ago ceased being “The Land of the Free?” What if you altogether stopped believing in and serving “government” and got on with a life serving God instead?



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