Hello, Unsuspecting World!

OK, I can’t take it any more… it’s time to start blogging!

Who cares if nobody reads this stuff? At least I’ll get it off my chest… maybe…

I am sick and tired of skulking around, wishing I could get across to everyone I know and love just exactly how confused, muddled, misdirected, deceived, yes, flat-out brainwashed they are!

Don’t look now, but YOU (yes, I’m talking to you!) have been brainwashed since childhood! There is a vast and relentless conspiracy to keep you in your place, to prevent you from thinking, to dumb you down, to make you complacent. You’re sure that you’ve got it figured out, but perhaps one in ten thousand – maybe one in a million – really begin to have a clue.

What am I talking about?

You have been led around by the nose by:

In some cases, you are being mislead by these perhaps innocently on their part – likely because they grew up inside “the same matrix” of deception.

Are you ready to wake up? Are you ready to pull your head out of the sand, ready to escape that sticky goo of mind-cotton that your thinking has been packed in?

If not, no hard feelings….

But, if so, maybe you’ll tune in to this blog from time to time and listen to my rantings. The choice is certainly up to you.

  1. Ed Beery on 04.06.2012

    Really enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to more. When we think about how
    little time it took to brainwash the majority of Americans into believing that
    torture is OK , anyone can see how easily and effectively it is being done.
    Keep up the good work, I think this can be very therapeutic for many of us.

  2. admin on 04.10.2012

    Hi Ed! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    I’ve not been writing much lately, but your comment has encouraged me to do some more soon, I hope! :)