The United States continues its downward spiral on every front. According to this article in Investors Business Daily, the US doesn’t even rank in the Top 15 of a list of the 20 most economically free countries:

US Not Even In Top 15 of Freest Economies” – (Link:

This is yet another confirmation of the evil of human government. When men run things, they tend to run them into the ground. It might be amusing were it not so tragic in its consequences! There is a direct correlation between the level of economic freedom in a country and the per-capita prosperity. Americans are all the poorer for their monstrous federal government’s penchant for overweening regulation and control.

The Bible speaks of this as oppression, pure and simple. Solomon had sobering things to say about the oppression of human government. Americans are an oppressed people, and all the more when they parrot hackneyed phrases like “America is the freest country on earth.” Isaiah the prophet, speaking on behalf of the LORD, instructs us to seek to correct oppression where we find it, because it is unjust and unrighteous.

How about it, churches? Are we listening and responding to God’s heart for justice? Are we resisting and seeking to correct the oppression of human government, or are we working hand in hand with evil men to oppress God’s flock?



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