Maybe it’s real; maybe it’s just wishful thinking…

I have long been strongly drawn to audacious efforts to break out of the current world communication and financial paradigms. Here is one that sure looks good to me at first blush: Bit Billions.

Imagine an internet that *cannot be shut down* by the arbitrary whims of centralized power. An internet that is based on purely peer to peer connections among computers owned by millions of users.

Imagine cell phone like services that are provided freely to all users. Imagine using the net anonymously without having your every keystroke recorded in some massive federal database. This is certainly an admirable dream, and would surely offer many advantages over the present system.

But don’t just say “Ho, hum…” and go on your way with only the few words I’ve mentioned here… have a look for yourself! Just click through to Bit Billions right here and read all about it! :)

Now try to imagine having had founders stock in, say, facebook… Who knows; perhaps you’ll decide to get in on the ground floor of the Next Big Thing? :)


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