You’d think that your “representatives” in Washington would have some motivation to actually represent you, wouldn’t you? Think again!

This short movie trailer should make you absolutely ill:

How can they possibly represent you if they don’t even bother to READ the legislation they pass that purports to bind you and your wallet and your life to their bidding?!!!

These bozos are in truth nothing more than a room-full of blithering idiot puppets if they allow OTHER people to write the “laws,” DON’T even bother to read them, and yet are fully prepared to throw you or me INTO A CAGE if we don’t dance to their tune!

It is far past time for us to put on the brakes, to tell these clowns “Enough is TOO MUCH!”

I urge you to use Downsize DC’s “Educate the Powerful” system to bombard your own congress critters with this message, if necessary, on a daily basis… it’s easy, it will take but a minute or two of your time each day, and Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we will eventually wear them down….

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