Monday, January 2nd: [Breaking News: Please check back throughout the day for possible updates…] We are on the very eve of the first significant popular tabulation of the express will of the American People as to who they want sitting in the oval office next year, namely the Iowa Caucus.

Even the mainstream media has been unable to hide the fact that Americans in Iowa are utterly fed-up with the “status quo” of Big Government candidates being pushed by the GOP establishment.

It therefore comes as no surprise to me that the GOP is transparently moving to steal this election from the only candidate who represents any substantive difference whatsoever from their anointed “tax and spend” crop of political “leaders;” I speak, of course, of Ron Paul, front-running Republican candidate for president.

Politico, for example, has reported that the Iowa GOP intends to move the vote-count to an ‘undisclosed location’. The move was telegraphed even earlier in an Associated Press article that spoke of “an apparent threat from a notorious collective of computer hackers” with the vaguest of references to any source for this information.

While you may not be a rocket scientist, I hope it is OBVIOUS to you that ANY kind of “voting process” that hides or in any way obscures the counting of votes is patently nothing more than a plan to manipulate the outcome of an election. Whether you still “believe” in the democratic electoral process, or like myself, have moved on to more positive direct action, I pray you still maintain some modicum of righteous indignation over such a blatantly transparent intention to hijack and invalidate what is meant to be an honest poll of the will of the people.

Just in case you care to express your outrage at such blatant vote fraud, here is contact information for the Iowa GOP:


Republican Party of Iowa
621 E. 9th St.
Des Moines, IA 50309
515-282-8105 (Office)
515-282-9019 (Fax)

Chad Olsen
Executive Director

Vonna Hall
Office Manager

Casey Mills

Ryan Gough

Patrick Stewart

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