Friend, do you pride yourself in being a reasonable, moral, rational human being? Are you someone who thinks for yourself, someone who gives your neighbor the same “benefit of the doubt” that you would wish for yourself? Really?Government Crooks

The reality is that you (along with 300+ million other Americans!) have undoubtedly been conditioned by society, by your training in public school, by your preacher man pontificating from his government 501-C-3 corporation “church” pulpit, by your neighbor, by your TV newsman, by your newspaper reporter, by your magazine column writer, by your accountant, by your priest, by your buddy at the office, by your…

I could go on and on… YOU have been “conditioned” to give “the government” all the benefit of the doubt. Do you doubt me? If so, try this short test…

My friend Larken Rose recently posted a story on YouTube about his experience with the Internal Revenue Service. Larken’s whole story is a half-hour long, but for this short test I’m asking you to listen only to a summary about five minutes long… Just stop the player after 5 or 6 minutes…

Larken Rose on Due Process

Now, here’s the test: Can you take what Larken says about how the IRS has treated him at face value? Or, are you left with lingering doubts? Doubts about whether Larken could be making things up? Doubts that “official government agents” could possibly act as he describes? Doubts that your government could be systematically violating all of its very own laws, procedures, and principles as it deals with individual citizens?

If in your heart you are somehow still siding with “government” on this, you’ve failed the objectivity test – you can mark this down; you have surely been propagandized to the point that you are no more or less than a puppet.

Seriously, my friend, your doubts about Larken’s story are ungrounded; they are based entirely on the brainwashing propaganda, the “Babylonian” culture in which you have been raised. Believe it! The IRS is an organization of violent criminal thugs that run roughshod over all semblance of due process. If you have (thus far) been left in peace by them, it is unquestionably only because you have been dancing to their tune as you have been conditioned to do.

For the advanced student, if your curiosity and your conscience has been pricked by what you have seen and heard here so far, you will find it both interesting and instructive to read through many of the comments that have been posted below Larken’s video. You can see, if you care to look, that this abuse of law and due process is inherently characteristic of how the IRS does business, of how from the top to the bottom that despicable organization is run.

I will hereby add my own testimony to that of Mr. Rose and those commentators. I can verify and validate what Larken Rose says. The IRS is a beast that tramples people without a shred of law or evidence. They completely ignore any and all rebuttal evidence brought to their attention, categorizing it as “frivolous” while in reality ignoring it. I have personally had bank accounts emptied – how, you may ask? You might think that there would have to be a lawsuit, and a judgement brought against me in a court of law to prove my supposed debt… but, NO! The reality is that some nameless, faceless bureaucrat in an obscure government office sends a FAX to the bank saying “Give us all his money” and, lo and behold, the bank GIVES it to them!

I have personally been through most if not all of the steps that Larken describes here, and additionally I have appealed to my congressman for redress of these grievances. I have been called on the carpet and then marginalized by clergy, I have been shunned and ridiculed by peers, I have spent countless hours responding to unlawful IRS demands and presenting them with evidence of my innocence (as opposed to them EVER producing ANY evidence of my guilt.) I have been papered with bogus liens and levies, had payments garnished, and so on and so forth, without any semblance of “due process of law.” And so, Believe it! What Larken says is TRUE!

Wake up, friends – get over your conditioning – the illusory “land of the free, home of the brave” of your propaganda-soaked upbringing no longer exists. What, if anything, will you do about it? What do you think? Will you even think about it? I’m waiting to hear from you! Please comment below…

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