What ever happened to the American Dream?

A House in the Suburbs

A House in the Suburbs

Surely you’ve heard of it… Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness… in it’s simplest form, 2.4 kids, owning a house in the suburbs, running a prosperous business or working in a profession of your choosing. Building a nest-egg for retirement and having something left over to hand down to your children?

The American Dream is a far cry from the sad reality of today…  a reality in which, typically, both spouses working, retirement age keeps going up. Millions of homes are in foreclosure. Taxes are spiraling out of control… What became of the dream?

This outstanding film will give you a short, high level tutorial that will help you understand how we have been robbed of the American Dream; how we got to where we are today.


Caution: the film is a tad “raw” in it’s language and presentation. It doesn’t pull many punches, and in some cases might be slightly simplistic; nevertheless, it’s full of truth that you won’t pick up in your average Harvard education.



If you’ve ever wondered about what’s happened to our money, this film will answer many of your questions! It’s worth the price of admission, namely a half hour of your time. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

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