Wow, what will “they” think of next? Now the federal government plans to tax Christmas trees!

A New Tax on Christmas Trees?

A New Tax on Christmas Trees?

The power to tax is the power to destroy.” – Daniel Webster and Supreme Court Justice John Marshall

Does government truly hold and exercise this “power” or authority? Be careful how you answer! If you’d like to see a very torturous and ultimately illogical “defense” of this supposed power, read this lengthy article and see if you can follow its twists and turns. If you genuinely believe that God has delegated the authority to tax Christmas trees to your friendly federal government, we should have a serious talk…!

I’ve tagged this entry with multiple tags, including “food” because this new tax is brought to you under the pretense of the US Department of Agriculture!

The tax is yet another illustration of the fact that, once you’ve “let the horse out of the barn,” that is, once you’ve conceded that government has some magical divine right to tax, you are completely open to this kind of blatant abuse.

If you’d care for more detail, or can stomach a recital of some “like-minded taxes,” check these links (caveat; some may have “audio popups” so turn down or disable your volume, and patiently “X” the extra window that may appear!):

Well, as it turns out, apparently the government has had a sudden change of heart about this tax. FOX news reports that the feds are reconsidering… Please God, more and more Americans will push back, not only on the small, ridiculous issues like this, but on the rest of federal tyranny over everything else that matters!

If you’ve had enough – maybe, more than enough – of this kind of abuse, why not just “opt out?” Why continue worshiping this monstrous beast crouching alongside the Potomac?


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