Do you use US dollars? What do you have in your wallet?

If so, the federal government is deliberately and systematically robbing you blind!

Ben Bernanke calls it “quantitative easing.” This is fed-speak for “screwing the people.”

Every time the “federal” reserve bank prints another dollar, every dollar of your hard-earned savings is worth that much less. Every billion that comes off of their printing press is another billion reasons why YOU need to “wake up” and pay attention to what government is doing to you and your family. This is not taught to you in civics classes, I wonder why? Oh, that’s right… those were government schools you went to…

Sadly, even the Christian schools and home schools aren’t that much better – except, perhaps, just maybe – if you are a product of home or Christian school, you just might “have an ear to hear” what I’m telling you now.

“Inflation” is intentionally caused by corrupt governments. This is essentially what happened in ancient Rome when the value of the money was debased by mixing in alloy metal of far lesser value. However, Caesar never dreamed of the vast power of “quantitative easing” through which means the government can rob you without ever touching your bank account!

What a racket! Which part of “Thou shalt not steal” did the government not understand? And why do we sit so idly and helplessly by while we and our children are being systematically robbed?

About now you may be asking, But what can I do? If you’ve been paying attention at all, then you ought to be asking that. There are many possible answers to this question. None of them, however, include “Go back to your TV show or your book, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Probably the first and foremost thing you can and should do is to educate yourself. Learn what money is. In a very strong sense, your money is a representation of your time and your life. Don’t you want to be a “good steward” of your time and your life? Sadly, even those who translated most bibles into the English language have done us a grave disservice here by substituting the word “money” in most cases where scripture actually uses the word “silver.” Yes, go ahead and look this one up! How? If you have nothing else, there is quick to get and very useful tool that is freely available: e-Sword, the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge. Once you’ve loaded that, get the KJV+ version of the bible in which each word is “tagged” with its Hebrew or Greek equivalent. Then look for “money” – and see what the word REALLY means!

And, Fear not! Although I must wrap this up for now, I hope to post many more articles on this topic, God willing, as time goes on, so please stay tuned to this blog! Use the RSS feed if you like! And, your comments are always welcome!

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